Jane explains why she decided to join the Green Party

1 April 2015

Why I joined the Green Party - Jane Clifford

My last Green party meeting was 27 years ago in Preston, where I was lucky enough to have my degree paid for by the government. I've always felt grateful that I was born in the uk, educated and allowed, even encouraged, to think for myself. At that time the Greens were all about the environment and although I agreed with them, I didn't feel they could run the country.

Since then I've lived mainly in Leeds 6, working at various charities like West Yorkshire Ecology and now Artlink West Yorks; volunteering for others including Cloth Cat, Hyde Park Unity Day, Citizens Advice Bureau and working with asylum seekers at Solace.

A few months ago I was musing on how on earth we've let the rich and powerful become SO rich and powerful that many of us feel there's absolutely nothing we can do about it. They make their own laws to favour themselves and some seem to actually enjoy making life even harder for the rest of society. I decided there's no point getting angry and depressed about it unless I do something.

The Green Party has changed since then, with wide ranging policies aiming for a more humane society. The whole system needs to change because in my opinion having economic profit as the only goal encourages greedy selfish people to rise to the top, then do anything to stay there. The old cliche 'power corrupts' has never looked more true.

Becoming a Green member makes me feel I'm doing something positive.

Jane C

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