What does a prospective parliamentary candidate do with their time?

13 November 2014

Since being selected in early September 2014 as Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Leeds North West, I’ve been busy with lots of activities.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Going to the national Green Party conference in September, attending interesting workshops and training events and meeting so many dedicated Green Party members, plus hearing some of the brilliant speeches and taking part in making new policies.
  • Visit with the Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett and the Green Party candidate for Leeds West, Andy Pointon, around Leeds West and Leeds North West

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  • Going to local meetings, for example, Apple Day, Headingley Development Trust and the Headingley Neighbourhood Forum
  • Attending usual activities like the Woodhouse Ridge Action Group, helping to conserve Woodhouse Ridge
  • Attending a packed meeting in Ilkley, listening to Natalie Bennett and meeting the candidates for Keighley and Ilkley and Shipley
  • Setting up regular stalls at the Arndale Centre in Headingley
  • Canvassing in Headingley and Weetwood
  • As secretary of the local Green Party, keeping in touch with our growing membership.
  • Attending Leeds and Headingley Green Party meetings and getting to know all of the new members
  • Writing a press release
  • Appearing on BBC Radio Leeds

As well as all of that, I’ve had a little time for:

  • Working full-time at the university and moving house
  • Oh, and taking some time to relax by walking in the local hills



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