Green Party Members join in the Trump Free Leeds Protest

13 July 2018

Headingley Green Party Council Candidate Anne Forsaith was among the many Green Party members from Headingley, Leeds and further afield who marched Friday 13th to protest for a Trump Free Leeds.

Donald Trump stands against everything the Green Party
 stands for, so it was important that we came out today to stand up for the environment, for women, for migrants and refugees and against his dangerous military and foreign policies.

Refugees are welcome here, but Donald Trump is not.





A Local green party members described the event as 

"Good humoured atmosphere, creative but also a real sense of how determined people were. As well as the rally there was a procession around Leeds city centre.
It was great to see Green Party members from across the whole of Yorkshire.

Whilst it was dfficult to estimate total numbers, I think there must have been 1500 people turned out to support the huge London Demonstration, It was just a shame that there was no visable prescence from either Labour or the Libdems."