30 October 2014

The Green Party has selected Tim Goodall as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Leeds North West. Tim, 43 from Essex, moved to Leeds to study in 1991. Although he moved away from the area for family and work reasons, he has returned to Headingley twice, most recently in 2012.

Tim says "I am honoured to have been selected to represent the Green Party in Leeds North West and very happy to have moved back and settled in the area”

Tim has a degree in Ecology and a Masters in Counselling and now works in the Faculty of Biological Sciences at The University of Leeds. He has an excellent knowledge of the educational needs of our society, having worked at every level of education, from primary school to university, as well as being a school Unison rep.  

Tim says “Having worked in education for so long, I feel passionate about ensuring everybody can access a high standard of education, regardless of their background or family income. I see how hard teachers work and feel that they have had to suffer through the vast amount of varying education policies over the last thirty years. Over testing of young children has resulted in extinguishing children's love of learning. The fear of failure at test level has led to teachers feeling stressed and children becoming over anxious. Children should be allowed to learn to think independently rather than permanently being taught to the test.  Access to quality education for all beyond compulsory schooling is a must. I strongly agree with the Green Party policy of no tuition fees for university students.”

Tim lives in the Weetwood ward, having just moved there from Headingley.  He has volunteered for a wide range of organisations in Leeds, including the Citizen's Advice Bureau and, currently, Woodhouse Ridge Action Group.  He is a keen hiker and also enjoys cycling, running and tennis, as well as spending time with family and friends.  He spent three years in the US, which made him even more passionate about keeping the NHS public:

“Keeping the NHS as a public service is an area I feel extremely passionate about. The NHS has been eroded by the previous Labour and coalition governments and is under serious threat. Having lived in the US for three years and having personally experienced some of the horrors of private health insurance, I am determined to make sure that no further privatisation happens here and that services that have been privatised are brought back into the public domain.”

Tim joined the Green Party in 1989, first becoming very involved in canvassing in Lewisham in 2001. He became Secretary of Headingley Green Party in 2013, as well as Campaigns Officer for Leeds Green Party in 2014. Tim has been actively involved in canvassing and campaigning for the Green Party in Headingley. 

Tim says: “Enough of the business as usual politics of Labour, the Tories and the Lib-Dems. Let's make a fairer society, encourage more of a sense of community and replace fear with hope.

Did tactical voting bring what you wanted?  This time, why not vote for what you believe in."