Thank You 2018

19 June 2018

Thank You!

headingley green team

A huge thank-you if you were one of the 1270 people who voted for our lead candidate Tim Goodall. Once again the Green Party was in second place. This confirms our position as the main opposition to Labour in Headingley & Hyde Park. The Green Party is also the main challenger to Labour in the neighbouring wards of Kirkstall and Woodhouse & Little London.

And thanks again, if you were one of the many people who completed our 60-second survey over the past few months to tell us about your concerns. Many issues were raised, including

  • Parking in Woodland Park Road, Wood Lane and surrounding roads.
  • Problems with bins not being emptied when they are supposed to be on the Hessles and in the Ash Road area.
  • Issues with rubbish behind Spring Bank Crescent.
  • Security issues in the ginnel between The Turnways and St. Michael's Lane.
  • Traffic Calming on Holborn Approach
  • Playgrounds closed for years in Woodhouse. (More on this below)
  • Issues with stadium parking in the Cardigan Triangle.


Tim Goodall said, “the Green Party will continue to hold Labour to account here, we will continue to work hard for a more liveable Headingley: - better public transport, less congestion, better parks and open spaces.”