Swings and Roundabouts

25 June 2018

Swings and roundabouts

There used to be a children’s playground on Hartley Avenue in Woodhouse. Because of subsidence in the ground, the council closed the playground in 2015 and later removed the play equipment. Since then the Labour councillors have done….nothing.

In January 2015 we contacted the Parks Dept at Leeds City Council. We were told that money had been found to reinstate the playground. Officers had submitted a plan to local councillors and were waiting for a decision.

The Green Party raised the issue again in April 2016 in our election literature. Clearly, the Labour councillors for Hyde Park & Woodhouse didn’t read our leaflet because once again nothing happened. The nearest play area is on Woodhouse Moor – across the busy A660. The small play area on Little Moor is also closed. Will elected officials take action or will local children have to go on waiting?



Derelict Playground On Little Moor



Now Removed - The Locked up Playground at Hartley Avenue