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Member bio: Miriam Moss

21 March 2015

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Why did you join the green party & how long have you been a member?
I think I joined the Green Party about three years ago. Why - I needed a party that prioritised social justice and didn't pander to established interests.


What do you do as a member of the green party?

I am not one of the most active members.  I have helped out during the election period ( inc. canvassing, helping out at stalls). I expect to do so again when the time comes and any additional involvement depends on availability.

What do you outside of the green party?

I am not currently in paid employment but I am a trustee of a local charity SARSVL ( Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds), which exists to support women and girls who have had experience of sexual violence.  I am also making good my limited science education at school by doing a Science GCSE at City College Leeds.


Have you been in another political party before joining?
I have at various times been in (briefly in both cases), Labour and the Liberal Democrats.


If I came to your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would I find?

I am a cat lover, who adores Pizza and veggie Thai food - the constant presence in my refrigerator is sweet chilli sauce, and soya yogurt, generally not eaten together plus a thermometer - if there is any doubt about the temperature in the fridge being too warm, I need to ensure it doesn't go off and scoff loads at once.

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