Member bio: Claire Hawker

1 December 2014

This weeks member is Claire Hawker, who is currently helping bring The Real Junk Food Project to Hyde Park & Headingley with the pop up kitchen taking place on 15th January in Oblong details to follow soon!!

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Claire Hawker

Why did you join the Green Party & how long have you been a member?
I joined the Green Party because at the start of the coalition I realised the Lib Dems weren't what I'd hoped for, and that the Green Party was no longer a wasted vote for those who want a fairer & greener society. I started to take an interest in the local party near the beginning of the year and I've been a member since June.

Do you like dogs or cats?
I do love both but I'm more of a dog person. You always know where you stand with a dog. 

What do you do as a member of the Green Party?
I need to do more...I've been out canvassing and sometimes proof-read our leaflets/flyers. Soon I'll be attending meetings and helping out in other ways!

Why isn't the number 11 pronounced as onety one?
I don't know but I wish it was. I once (stupidly) said ontey tenty instead of 1 euro 10 cents and I'm not sure where it came from, other than a subconscious desire for a more logical numerical system...

What do you outside of the Green Party?
For the day job I'm a Project Administrator/Receptionist. I'm also involved with an upcoming community project where we'll be running pop up pay-as-you-feel cafes using only waste food (in the same vein as 'The Real Junk Food Project' in Armley). I like walking in the great outdoors and having music lessons at the wonderful Leeds Music Hub. My future plan is to stay in Leeds (I love it here) and continue my involvement with the Green Party and volunteering, with the hopes of one day starting a career in the third sector.

If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
You've succeeded!

Have you been in another political party before joining?
No, but I was a Lib Dem voter.
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