Council declares climate emergency

28 April 2019

Council declares climate emergency

Leeds has declared a climate emergency. It’s a good start, but words are cheap.
What actions will the council take to prevent catastrophic climate change?

Green Party councillors pushed for the declaration but we are concerned that the
Labour-run Council is not serious about the emergency that we face.

They are proposing to build a new road to Leeds/Bradford airport to cope with an
expected increase in passenger numbers from 4 million a year to seven million.
And the council is even now building a new East Leeds Orbital Road. They know
that new roads simply generate more traffic, but they carry on pouring the
And the council continues to support the white elephant HS2 train. This will cost
in excess of £50 billion.

That money would be so much better spent in improving
regional and local rail so that people didn’t need to use a car to get to work.