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Local campaigner Joe Salmon stands up for Headingley Hill and green spaces across the city

13 November 2015

Joe Salmon at Headingley Hill


Joe Salmon at Headingley Hill

Leeds Green Party candidate for Headingley Joe Salmon is today taking his campaign for Headingley Hill to be better protected to Leeds City Council. Joe and other local residents have expressed concerns to the Council that this important green space is wrongly classified as urban space. Today they are bringing a deputation to the Council, calling for this-much valued green space – one of few in the area – to be recognised as such.

The campaign is one of several across Leeds to protect important green spaces for the benefit of local residents that Leeds Green Party are actively involved in. The Party believes fields, parks, allotments and gardens are lacking in Headingley particularly, and those we have must be protected for the health and enjoyment of residents. Headingley Hill is situated in a densely populated area, on Headingley Lane, and is made up of open grassland and mature trees, providing not only open space and greenery for people to enjoy, but important ‘green lungs’ that help reduce air pollution.

Joe Salmon, who lives close to Headingley Hill, says: “Headingley is lacking all types of open space, so I think it’s really worrying that one of the few we have is not properly recognised as such. This is not an administrative point: it’s about making sure these important community spaces, and their upkeep and protection, are prioritised by the Council – and this matters hugely to people who live here. We’re calling on the Council to properly recognise Headingley Hill as a beautiful green space that is greatly valued by local residents, and ensure this and other fields, parks and woods across the city are protected.”

Joe will be arguing to the Council that green space like this is vital not only for people’s health, mental health and enjoyment, but for flood prevention and keeping air pollution under control. This last point is especially important for Leeds, last year one of nine areas in the UK identified by the WHO as failing to meet guidelines on air quality.

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