Heavy Lorries rumbling through Headingley

8 September 2018

Heavy Lorries rumbling through Headingley 


Astonishingly figures show that for five hours of the day there were over 60 lorry movements an hour - equivalent to over one a minute. 

This was a key finding of the Headingley Development Trust survey of HGVs using Otley Road on 15 th
August. Between 6am and 8pm volunteers recorded 365 lorries travelling
towards the City centre, and a further 312 towards Lawnswood. Many
were large aggregate and roadstone trucks from the quarries in North
Yorkshire using the Otley Road as a short cut to the motorway network.
Otley Road is the busiest (and most dangerous) road for cycling in Leeds,
while air quality monitoring at the roadside in the centre of Headingley
shows that particulate levels regularly exceed World Health Organisation
guidelines. Of course HGVs are not the only source of such concerns
about air quality, noise, and safety of cyclists but a significant proportion
of the HGV traffic we counted doesn’t need to be here and could be on
more suitable roads.


Headingley Green Party welcomes the Headingley Development
Trust survey and is keen to work alongside them in engaging with
the Council to reduce pollution, danger to other road users, and
general nuisance to pedestrians, shoppers and those of us who live
or work along the A660, caused by heavy lorries.


Headingley Developement Trust HGV Count August 2018 Report