Green ideas for a better city

1 May 2019

Green ideas for a better city -


  1. Make cycling safe – give cyclists their own space on the road. More bikes means fewer cars and better air quality.

  2. Campaign for a town council for Headingley & Hyde Park. Let’s take back some control!

  3. Action on bad landlords – introduce a licensing system to get rid of rogue owners.

  4. Improve our green spaces – Monument Moor in Woodhouse has been neglected for years. It should be restored to its former beauty.

  5. Tackle litter and graffiti. We want to abolish council charges on bulky waste – this has caused of an epidemic of fly-tipping across the city.



Green candidate Tim Goodall says “these ideas are all practical, affordable ways to make our neighbourhood a better place in which to live and bring up a family. All that is needed is the political will. Please vote Green and I will do everything I possibly can to make it happen!”