Nuclear Power - Dangerous & Unnecessary

11 May 2018

Nuclear Power - Dangerous & Unnecessary

Arranged jointly by Yorkshire CND and the Green Party.


Chaired by Dave Webb at Leeds Civic Hall.



Two speakers:


Professor Keith Barnham (Physics, Imperial College) demonstrated how a combination of solar PV, wind (especially offshore) and anaerobic biomass generators could meet UK electrical demand by 2025.

These are all proven, decentralised and low carbon footprint technologies.

The main obstacle is the government defying market forces and making consumers subsidise nuclear power and fracking which are dangerous and environmentally damaging.




Mitsuko Sonora was living in Fukushima with her 8-year-old son at the time of the tsunami and nuclear meltdown at the Daiichi power station.


Mitsuko chose to evacuate and continues to work to keep children safe, share information, and to convey of the horror of living close to a major nuclear accident.

Since then the Japanese government and the Tepco power company have failed to deal effectively with the nuclear contamination and actively tried to misrepresent the situation and cover up the truth.

Japanese people, particularly mothers and their children, are fighting for justice with demonstrations and through the courts.

Her personal story is a telling argument against building a new uneconomic and potentially dangerous nuclear reactor at Hinkley in the UK.