Student Change over day

5 July 2018

Every year we have a huge issue in Headingley, Hyde Park and Woodhouse with the house changeover period in June/July.  The affected streets are left in a total mess, with many perfectly usable items thrown away every year.

Rubbish 2018


Familair sights for residents every year. Taken 5th of July 2018


The Green Party will:
1. Campaign for the introduction of a Town Council: Town Councils can employ wardens to enforce litter regulations, ensuring litter issues are dealt with promptly all year round
2. Visit student houses at the beginning of each academic year to ensure students understand local litter and recycling arrangements, encouraging students to think about how to reduce, refuse, reuse and recycle all year, so that they aren't left with a huge amount of items to deal with at the last moment.
3. Encourage the council and universities to start the 'house changeover' campaign even earlier and provide more facilities and information
4. Consider how landlord licensing could help deal with the problems created by the annual house changeover