Amelia Womack will be joining us Saturday 28th April for our Breathing Cities Campaign launch in Headingley.

24 April 2018


Saturday, 28th April, Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party, will be visiting us for the Headingley Breathing Cities campaign launch. Please join us at the Arndale Centre from 11am.  Amelia will be joining us from around midday,


Get involved in the campaign

Breathing cities Logo

Join us for the launch party of our clean air campaign – Breathing Cities.


Join your voice to ours as we campaign to reverse the air pollution crisis harming our cities and reduce the impact of cities on climate change.


Imagine everything you could do on the street if walking, cycling and public transport were the main forms of urban transport.


The Breathing Cities campaign’s ambition is to create living cities that are clean, healthy, and safe.


Come and reclaim our city streets for people, and create cities that we feel healthy in, with streets that we enjoy spending time in, away from the pollution, danger and noise of cars.


What should you bring?
Think of all the things you could do on a street if it was free from the danger and pollution caused by traffic. Bring anything that would help re-create that vision – or bring just yourself, that would be fabulous too!

Ideas of things to bring include:

-          Colourful clothes

-          Bikes

-          Footballs / Rackets / Frisbees

-          Musical instruments (guitars, flutes, drums)

-          Any circus tricks (juggling, diabolo, hoola hoops)

-          Plants

-          Parasols

-          Chairs

-          Bubbles