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Heavy Lorries rumbling through Headingley

08 September 2018

Heavy Lorries rumbling through Headingley

Nagasaki 73rd Anniversary Commemoration Event

09 August 2018

Headingley Green party Members Attend the Yorkshire/Leeds CND Nagasaki 73rd Anniversary Commemoration Event

Unity Day 2018

02 August 2018

Unity Day 2018

Labour's plans to destroy Leeds Green Belt

15 July 2018

Labour's plans to destroy Leeds Green Belt

Trump Free Leeds

13 July 2018

Headingley, Leeds and Yorkshire Green party members proudly join in the Stance against Trump, Joining in the Trump Free Leeds March in Leeds.

Rubbish Everywhere

05 July 2018

Every year we have a huge issue in Headingley, Hyde Park and Woodhouse with the house changeover period in June/July. The affected streets are left in a total mess, with many perfectly usable items thrown away every year.

Swings and Roundabouts

25 June 2018

Where have the playgrounds gone?

Clean Air Day in Leeds, 21st June 2018

21 June 2018

Healthy Air Leeds, Leeds Cycling Campaign and the Green Party marked National Clean Air Day with a ride around the city centre, taking some space off cars! It ended with a Clean Air Day event at Bodyshop.

Thank You!

19 June 2018

A huge thank-you if you were one of the 1270 people who voted for our lead candidate Tim Goodall.

Nuclear Power - Dangerous & Unnecessary

11 May 2018

Nuclear Power - Dangerous & Unnecessary

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    National News

    A brief history of tuition fees in England
    1998 - Labour introduce fees of £1000. There were exemptions for students whose family earned less than £23000 per year.
    The student grant was abolished.
    2001 - Labour election manifesto pledge that they will not introduce top-up fees.
    2004 - Labour introduce top-up fees to increase annual fees to £3000.
    April 2010 - 57 LibDem candidates sign pledges not to increase tuition fees.
    May 2010 - LibDems join Tories to vote for increased fees up to £9000 per year.