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Thank You!

19 June 2018

A huge thank-you if you were one of the 1270 people who voted for our lead candidate Tim Goodall.

Nuclear Power - Dangerous & Unnecessary

11 May 2018

Nuclear Power - Dangerous & Unnecessary

Labour Or Green - A Student's choice

01 May 2018

Labour or Green - A Students choice act now because we care what happens to future generations: our children and the next generation. But political movements are built from the ground up. That means that the Green Party needs to build a strong base of local councillors. We ask you to help us do that. Give us your support at the local elections in May – vote for your Green Party candidates. The longest journey begins with a single step.

The possibilities for a more cycle-friendly road - a local green member's perspective.

30 April 2018

The possibilities for a more cycle-friendly road - a local green member's perspective.

Headingley Breathing Cities Campaign Launch Success

30 April 2018

Headingley witnessed the launch of the Breathing Cities campaign, Deputy Green party Leader Amelia Womack and Local Headingley and Hyde Park Main candidate Tim Goodall gave powerful and poignant speeches during the event

Breathing Cities Headingley Launch.

24 April 2018

Amelia Womack will be joining us this Saturday for our Breathing Cities Campaign launch in Headingley.

Headingley & Hyde Park Lead Candidate Tim Goodall May 2018

Vote Green on the 3rd May

14 April 2018

Vote Green on the 3rd of May 2018, Tim Goodall is our lead candidate. Ann Forsaith and Liberty Anstead are our other candidates. We hope you will vote for all three Green Party candidates, but if you only vote for one, please vote for Tim Goodall.

NHS March Leeds 2018

Greens at the Leeds NHS March April 2018

14 April 2018

Local Headingley and Leeds Green Party Joined by my others Marching in Leeds in Support of the NHS and keeping it public.

L-R: Mothin Ali, Robina Mir, Joe Salmon, Shahab Adris

Leeds community leaders call on Leeds City Council to stand up to Islamophobia and demonisation of children

24 March 2016

Local community leaders from Muslim groups and Leeds Green Party are urging Leeds City Council to stand up to Islamophobia and help promote cohesion across Leeds’ communities by ensuring the government’s Prevent programme is not applied here as it has been in other areas.

Local campaigner Joe Salmon stands up for Headingley Hill and green spaces across the city

13 November 2015

Local Campaigner Joe Salmon took a deputation to Leeds City Council this week asking them to protect Headingley Hill Fields, the last of Headingley's green space.

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    A brief history of tuition fees in England
    1998 - Labour introduce fees of £1000. There were exemptions for students whose family earned less than £23000 per year.
    The student grant was abolished.
    2001 - Labour election manifesto pledge that they will not introduce top-up fees.
    2004 - Labour introduce top-up fees to increase annual fees to £3000.
    April 2010 - 57 LibDem candidates sign pledges not to increase tuition fees.
    May 2010 - LibDems join Tories to vote for increased fees up to £9000 per year.