Local Policies

Leeds 2019 Manifesto towards a Green Leeds 

2019 Manifesto



A Green Manifesto for Headingley & Hyde Park

All Green party policies, national, regional and local are all aligned with the core party values that help shape and define what the Green Party Stands for.



A licensing scheme for landlords.

Parts of our area are blighted by houses owned by landlords who simply don’t look after their properties.

This is bad for their tenants and for all local residents. We want landlords to be properly regulated. Licensing schemes are working in many parts of the country. Why not here?


More residents’ parking.

Our streets are clogged up by commuters from elsewhere. They park in Headingley and get the bus to the city centre. It’s so bad that buses can’t get along the road. The Green Party will introduce more permit parking for local residents.


Safer cycling.

We need to make the roads safe for bikes. We will work for the introduction of properly segregated cycle lanes from the ring road all the way to the city centre. This will benefit every-one by improving air quality and reducing traffic noise.


Get bins off the pavements.

Green councillors will work to clear wheelie bins off our pavements. They are a hazard for wheelchair users and people with child buggies and are unsightly.





All our local policies can be found in Towards a Green Leeds, our local election manifesto for 2014.

Towards a Green Leeds Manifesto


Download the manifesto here


This manifesto aims to provide a vision of what Leeds would be like if the Green Party were to form an administration in Leeds City Council. It highlights the local policies our councillors seek to introduce as we work towards that target, and promotes the many reasons for the people of Leeds to turn Green candidates into hardworking Green councillors.

This manifesto was drawn up by a working group of members of the three local Green parties in Leeds, with Cllr David Blackburn contributing in an advisory role.

Chris Foren – Headingley Green Party (Secretary, Leeds Green Party)

Colin Noble – Leeds Green Party (Fundraising & Events Officer)

Andrew Pointon – Farnley & Wortley Ward Green Party (Secretary)

Additional contributions were made by David Smith (Campaigns Officer 2011-2013)