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What have Leeds' Green Councillors ever done for me?

There are two Green Party councillors on Leeds City Council, out of a total of 99 councillors. So it is difficult for us to make radical changes. However Greens can make a real difference.

Following the council elections of 2010 the Green councillors effectively had the balance of power and agreed to support Labour. That support was on condition that the Labour administration agreed to look again at the possibility of keeping open the City of Leeds school and making the former Royal Park school into a community asset. Labour also agreed to commence a solar power and insulation scheme similar to the one in Kirklees. 

Together, a bigger Green group on Leeds City Council would continue to work to improve public transport provision, cycle and pedestrian paths; improve waste collection and recycling; oppose the installation of incinerators; oppose the expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport; keep Leeds a nuclear free local authority.

 We need your votes to help us work for a better, cleaner, more sustainable Leeds.


What have your Green councillors ever done for you?
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